Bicycling in the Upcountry

Central unveils new biking and hiking trails

The new Central SWU Hiking/Biking trails are located at 727 Clayton St, Central, SC 29630, just off the main campus of Southern Wesleyan University in Central, SC.

The trails were built as part of a collaborative effort between The City of Clemson, The Town of Central, Pickens County, and Southern Wesleyan University. 

There are approximately 6 miles of very high quality machine built singletrack constructed in what's known as a "Stacked Looped" design. The stacked loop design allows for trail use in a multitude of configurations that will accommodate every trail user from the most novice to the most advanced. 

If a half mile is all you are up for, then that's no problem, the first loop is just that, with just 80 feet of elevation gain. If you want to push your limits you can stretch it out to a six mile loop and do a couple laps and clock in right around 100 feet of gain per mile.